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I Like to Play by Marla Stewart Konrad.  (2010).  Tundra Books.  Pages not numbered.  Grades K-3.  Nonfiction.

Grand by Marla Stewart Konrad.  (2010).  Tundra Books.  Pages not numbered.  Grades K-3.  Nonfiction

Our children need to learn about children in other countries.  These two books are one way to help our students discover how children around the world live.  Simple text and colorful photographs combine to show children in a variety of countries.  In the first book children participate in various games and playful activities.  The second book features smiling children and their grandparents doing various jobs or just enjoying each other.  In some photographs the children are posed, others capture the children as they are actively engaged in their daily activities.  These books invite students to consider how their play or experiences with grandparents are similar to the children pictured.  One drawback of these books is the fact that there are no captions with the photographs.  Therefore to discover what countries are represented the reader must consult the copyright page where the countries for each photograph are identified.  Children from Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America are featured in the photographs.  Guide your students to look carefully at the photographs  to inquire about the children pictured – what kinds of houses do they live in; what kinds of games do they play, how are their clothes different, what kind of toys do they have, what kind of chores do they do?  The royalties from these books go to support World Vision’s work with children


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