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Fever Crumb

Posted on: February 17, 2010

Fever Crumb by Phillip Reeve. (2010).  Scholastic.  336 pages.  Grades 6 and up.  Science Fiction.

A prequel to Reeve’s series, the Hungry City Chronicles, that begins with Mortal Engines this engrossing novel imagines a future where mankind has been set back into medieval practices.  The people dig for relics of ancient technology, like engines and microchips to reuse or cannibalize.  This society of the future has many echoes of our present world.  Fourteen-year-old, Fever Crumb, is the heroine who is caught up in a fast-paced, gripping adventure that kept me up late to finish the novel.  I am eager to read more about Fever’s adventures I am sure young readers will feel the same.  This book is a great choice for a classroom library.  Booktalk it to entice readers.  Check out other books by Reeve especially those about King Arthur.

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